The Kings Dragons

"Magic is the science that still do not understand."

Arthur C. Clarke

The Dragon Kings is a reinterpretation of the mythical England of King Arthur and Merlin the magician.

On his journey, the brothers and Derik Sofia receive as an inheritance fragments of a magical object. On this trip they are guided by a mysterious figure to teach them the secrets of magic and how to face obstacles and enemies.

With this fragment they can find the other pieces of what they call "KEY", but before they can understand the meaning of this award, one of the brothers is abducted by Morgana henchman, the maga Arthur's sister who want at all costs the kingdom of Britain.

The kidnapper shall require the remaining brother, through the fragment, find the remaining parts of the "key" and make an exchange for kidnapped brother.

There begins the journey in search of the other fragments of the "key" for a full world of treasure, weapons, monsters and other magical creatures.

The Dragon Kings is an action RPG, originally developed for PC and XBOX ONE.

In this magical world, Derik and Sofia brothers must make choices and act with courage and speed to avoid being defeated.

At the beginning of the game, you will opt for one of the two characters. Derik rider apprentice or Sofia magician's apprentice. Each with its virtues and powers.

It all begins when one of the brothers is abducted by a disciple of Morgana,

If you do option to play with Derik, Sofia will be kidnapped and vice versa.

The game will have 16 levels, through extensive forests, swamps, mountains, caves to reach the captive and free the kidnapped brother.

You will need to negotiate and carry out missions to get clues or objects that lead to recovery of other fragments of the "key" talking to characters you meet along the way as village leaders, farmers and magical creatures.

For this, the brother will face various monsters such as Goblins, Wolves, Golems (giant stone), spiders (of various sizes and colors), mushrooms Soldiers, Carnivorous Plants and finally a dragon.

On his journey he will find other artifacts like magic books and swords delighted that used properly facilitate the defeat of the enemy.

The intention is to develop a game with great story, full of mysteries and fun for the whole family.

These creatures are hidden and ready to attack you in different scenarios like deserts, caves, beaches, forests and diverse.
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What platform will be initially released the game?

The game is being developed for PC and XBOX ONE but migration to other platforms will depend on the acceptance of the game.

The game will be only single-player or are there other options?

In this first version will be single-player.

You will accept suggestions to improve the program?

Certainly. Feel free through our website or Facebook page to express their ideas and opinions.

There will be a daily or local reporting of project progress?

Yes ! We will do weekly updates on our Facebook page stating the progress of the game.

How many levels will have the game?

The current version has 16 levels.

The game is being developed starting any engine?

Yes. The Dragon Kings is being developed from the engine UNITY.

It will allow the medium term that the game can be migrated to other platforms.

The game will be translated into other languages?

The Dragon Kings will initially be released in Portuguese and English.