Dino Lost

Our friend Bob gos lost from his parents, and now we have to help him find them.

Our little dinosaur is both hunter and prey. You will have to act like a real dino if you want to survive.

He will have to explore and meet other creatures in different environments, as well as providing them with food to help them survival.

And there's no use in rushing to the end of the level. If he doesn't face a minimum amount of enemies and doesn't gather enough food, he won't proceed to the next level.

We wanted to develop a game for the whole family. You will need to memorize the lay of the land to avoid getting lost, and also hone your skills to beat enemies.

Dino Lost is a 3D Action-RPG, initially developed for PC and XBOX ONE.

Your mission is to explore various landscapes in your search for food. The food you find will also imbue you with certain traits, to allow our little dino to better attack and defend against his foes.

You will have to have good memory to avoid getting lost in the tangled maze each level presents. And don't even thing of rushing to the end of the level. unless you beat enough enemies and gather enough food to survive, you won't be able to advance.

Your enemies are raptors, spiders, carnivorous plants, giant wasps, sea turtles, and many other creatures.

These enemys will be hidden and ready to pounce on you across 20 levels, featuring desert , beach, forest, cave and jungle biomes.

For which platforms will the game be released?

Initially, we plan for PC and XBOX ONE releases, but migration to other systems is possible if the game is well-received.

Will the game be single-player only, or do you have other options planned?

This first version will be single-player only, but we have the means of enabling co-op play in the future. It will depend on the game's reception.

Will you be open to suggestions to improve the game?

Absolutely. Feel free contact us through the site or our Facebook page to relay your ideas and opinions.

Will there be a development journal somewhere, where updates to the project will be posted?

Yes ! We will be posting weekly updates on the decelopment on uor Facebook page.

How many levels will the game have?

The current release has 20 levels divided across 5 biomes: desert, beach, forest, cave and jungle.

What engine is the game being developed off of?

Dino Lost is being developed from the UNITY engine. It will allow the game to be migrated into other plataforms in the medium term.

Will the game be translated into other languages?

Dino Lost will be initially released in Portuguese and English. Localization in other languages will depend on the game's reception.

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